Common Sense Computers

Being Green is Just Common Sense!

At CSC we love technology and a clean environment too. You can see our technicians and crew riding bicycles and motorcycles whenever possible. This reduces our consumption of petroleum products/ oil and gas while eliminating unnecessary exhaust. (Did we mention the health benefits?)

Some other ways we try to be more eco-logical and eco-nomical:

  • Our invoices are available by e-fax and email, reducing the need for paper.
    Ask us how to get set this up for you.
  • All paper is used, reused and shredded for security and privacy.
  • Remote access allows us to fix problems without having to turn on the car. And we can help our travelling/ snowbird/ multi residential clients wherever they may be.
  • Giving us/ trading in your old machine/ equipment guarantees the longest/ most efficient use for it. We refurbish them for other customers, or keep the older parts on hand to fix similar machines. The less waste, the better.
  • CF light bulbs, rechargeable batteries, recycling in and toner cartridges are just a few more ways we use eco-LOGIC to be eco-NOMIC.


Q: How can Technology be eco friendly and not just a money pit?
A: As newer chips and equipment are produced, there are built to do more functions using less electricity, saving you money over time. They run more efficiently, producing less heat.
Q: So I’m upgrading to a new computer, what do I do with my old one?
A: Increasingly, computer companies are offering to take your old computer for recycling, but if yours doesn’t or you can donate it to a school, church or thrift store. You can even give it to us.