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CSC Services

CSC Services

From tune ups to upgrades, we have you covered. We work in your home or office or in our shop- whichever suits you best!

Our pickup and delivery is free to our local customers and nominal for our out-of-area customers. Some service calls can be made remotely right at that moment.

Click the links above to see some of our services. If you need something you don’t see here, double check with us; there is so much we can do to be of service to you!

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Tune Up

Clean out the cob webs.
We actually take your machine apart and blow out the inside of machine!

Remove virus’s from system.
Install anti-virus software if none. (Retail copies incur extra cost.)
Update anti-virus software. (Program and definitions only, not subscription.)

Secure Firewall.
Install firewall software if applicable.
Configure firewall to keep those intruders at bay.

Remove spyware from system.
Install anti-spyware programs if none. (Retail copies incur extra cost.)
Update anti-spyware programs. (Program and definitions only, not subscription.)

System optimization.
Let our technicians perform their magic and have your system running like new again.

Aditional parts / services / software extra.


Have trouble running software? That new game too much for your current system to handle? Maybe a simple upgrade is all you need.

Evaluate Your Needs.
We’ll have an in-depth discussion with you to see what you use your computer for to help you decide what upgrades would be best for you.

Help You Select the Best Hardware.
We stay current on the latest products from the most reliable companies to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Keep it Affordable.
We know the best places to find the best deals for all different parts for your computer.

Aditional parts / services / software extra.

Fix it

Did your machine start acting up? Did it just quit working right? Maybe you know what happened, but can’t make it right yourself. Let us do it for you!

We will take a history of your computer.
This includes it components and software, as well as who uses it for what.

Get a description of the problem.
What is happening? How long has it been going on? When did you first notice it?

Find out what you want.
Do you want us to just make your favorite program work? Or make the whole machine purr like a kitten.


Aditional parts / services / software extra.

Build It

If you want a fast gamming rig, or a home theatre pc or a simple machine for your kids to do their homework on. If you want it, we can build it.

We build your computer around YOU.
Sit down and find out what you want to use it for, and what you need your new machine to do.

We shop around for you.
Find the best combination of parts and software to meet your needs.

Bring it home and set it up!

Aditional parts / services / software extra.

Set it up

Want to network your computers together? Maybe add a new printer or other peripheral to an existing network. We can also help you set up your new Voice over IP (VoIP) phone.

Get a solid idea of what you want to do.
We listen to how you want your system to work and then we work to make it happen.

Assess what you have and need.
We can work with what you currently have and suggest upgrades that will help acheive your goals.

Install your new hardware or software.
We install it all so that by the time we're done, your up and ready to go.

Set up your network wired or wirelessly.
Either way you want it, we can get your network running smoothly.

Aditional parts / services / software extra.

Teach me

Not all programs are inherently easy to use, so we will teach you the basics (or more) to get you going.

Help you chose your program if you haven’t already.
There are a lot of choices out there and we've worked with a lot of them. Let us help you decide which programs will work best for you.

Install it if need be.
We can help you install your program to ensure it runs to its full potential.

Gentle guidance.
We walk you through the set up and use of the program until you are comfortable.

Aditional parts / services / software extra.